Roof Trusses

Roof Trusses provide an economic, flexible and fast solution to designing and erecting a roof.

Cambridge Roof Truss’s team of experienced truss designers use Mitek Pamir software to design all our roofs, ensuring they are fit for purpose and that they meet all the necessary criteria as laid down by industry standards.

Manufactured from softwoods strength grade TR26, all of our roof truss designs meet the relevant British Standard Codes of Practice, EN1995 Design of Timber Structures and are manufactured to comply with ISO 9001-2008 Quality Systems and EN14250 manufacture of Timber Structures.

The popularity of roof trusses and attic trusses is in part due to their compatibility with many construction methods, including timber frame, masonry and steel frame. Due to our strict design and fabrication standards we can guarantee that our roof truss products are engineered to a consistently high quality.

Ranging from simple garages through to complex building structures, roof trusses can be designed to work in most situations. Working from design conception with your architect, through to manufacturing and delivering trusses to site clearly marked, all contributes to making a buyers job as simple as possible.

Roof truss products can meet many of the environmental sceptics as timber is still the only truly renewable building resource. Timber construction also benefits from higher thermal efficiency than alternate materials such as aluminium, steel or concrete.

Introduce Cambridge Roof Truss to your project early, and we will help overcome any issues that may arise whilst easing you through the process of completing your design and getting product to site on time. We are happy to speak to architects, engineers, builders and contractors to help provide you with the best possible roof solution.

Our attention to detail helps ensure that our roof trusses and joists are made to exacting standards and give customers the confidence of knowing that what we deliver will be right first time, every time.

For additional detailed Information on Roof Truss design please refer to the Mitek 'World of Roof Technology' guide. 

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