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The Posi-joist flooring system provides easy access for the installation and maintenance services in a floor zone.

Posi-joist consists of parallel stress graded timber flanges joined together with V shaped galvanised steel webs. Posi-joist is both lightweight and easy to handle on site. The prime advantage of this open metal web joists design is the quick and easy installation of services and utilities through the webs which reduces labour costs and on site build times.

A Posi-Joist is a precisely engineered structural component, and as such, the design is dependent on the loads to be applied. There are also many other advantages to using this product

  • Made to measure, minimising site wastage
  • Minimal shrinkage and swelling
  • 72mm wide flanges provide a large area for the fixing of floor deck and ceiling
  • Eliminates the need for surface run pipework
  • Installed in approximately 50% of the time taken for conventional joists

The introduction of the ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’ and ‘Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery’ has provided benefits during the build process and added value for the owner of the property. Designs that incorporate Posi-Joist will deliver additional benefits when enforced energy efficient compliances are introduced by negating expensive and time consuming structural changes to the building.

Another use for Posi-Joist is as the bottom chord within attic trusses. When used in this situation, it not only adds value in the build process, but it provides consistency with a building if Posi-Joist is used on subsequent lower floors.

The long spans that Posi-Joists are able to achieve can eliminate the need for costly intermediate load bearing walls. Compared to other installations, fewer joists are usually required due to the wider spacing afforded to our designs and because they are light weight compared to solid joists, they can be easily and safely manoeuvred around the site, often without the need for specialist lifting equipment.

All this makes Posi-Joist ideal for the self builder and small developer where access to the site may be restricted, and specialist lifting equipment may not be available.

Likewise for the national housebuilder, the savings to be made on site both in the build of the floor, and then installation of services makes it especially attractive. For more information please refer to the Mitek Posi-Joist Technical Guide

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Metalweb Joists

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